So this is a thing that happened…

Last year, for my 40th birthday, I wanted to get a tattoo. I have always wanted a book quote tattooed on the inside of my forearm (I would like one on each, actually), but I am a super-wuss about pain. I have no pain threshold. I did all of the research on it last year, decided on the quote, the artist, and the font…then promptly chickened out.

My husband brought it up again this year while we were on our way to see the trainwreck that is the Dark Tower movie adaptation (didn’t blog about it because I don’t really have anything to say about it except that it is bad, and not worth seeing). We had a hilarious conversation about it, but it got me thinking about it again, and I decided that I was really going to do it this year.

I made the appointment.

I paid the deposit.

Couldn’t back out without losing more money than I was willing to lose.

I GOT THE TATTOO (September 1, 2107):

DT tattoo

I am so proud of myself. Honestly, it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. I have had worse pain from cat scratches and paper cuts. It was a little sensitive down by my wrist, but overall, it was fine. And now I know why people say they are addicting–I plan on getting the other arm done next year.

I started rereading the DT series right after we saw the movie (fifth time reading, but it’s my favorite series and I couldn’t let the movie adaptation get stuck in my head) and I deliberated over a few different quotes, but in the end, this line is still my favorite first line of any book and it really captures the entire feel of the series.

I love it and I’m glad I went through with it.